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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is known in everyday life as the dark blue stone with “gold” inclusions. It is a semi-precious stone used ever since antiquity in jewelry, ornaments and decorations, for it’s amazing intense blue.

As a matter of fact the “gold” inclusions are not actually gold but pyrite. Lapis lazuli is a rock and not a mineral because it has a mixed composition: lazurite up to 40% and most of them contain also calcite (white inclusions), sodalite (blue) and pyrite (metallic yellow).

It is a very good pigment for tempera paint, the color being referred to also as French Ultramarine.

Lapis lazuli was the favorite stone of Egyptians and Babylonians, that, in various occasion, used to consider it more precious than gold. This sacred stone was believed to guide people after death, so it was put in graves alongside mummies. Lapis lazuli is famous also in other continents; it is the national stone of Chile.

The best lapis lazuli is found in Badakhshan province in Afghanistan, and the deposits in the mines of Sar-e-Sang have been worked for more than 6,000 years.

This stone is considered spiritual and psychological. It has a protecting role againd negative energies, thoughts and feelings. It stimulates healing and spiritual enlightment, wisdom and impartiality.

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