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Water Transfer Print Products Water transfer artwork also called the curved surface from water, the function is dealed with the irregular surface, three-dimensional curved surface-Belong to the integrated surface printing. It utilize pure and natural pattern, as like the peach wood, Yun Shi, emerald, skin of the leopard, piebald, the color & luster of the object after printing is vivid, the image is verisimilitude, reach the result of mixing the spurious with the genuine. A big increased in value of the products through the products are printed. Water Transfer Printing (Cubic Printing, 3D Printing) is a surface decoration technology that uses a specialized film printed with natural design (like burl wood, walnut and marble) and geometrical design to decorate on many kinds of products (like car interior accessories, architecture, handles, switches and many daily applications). Water Transfer Printing is possible to apply on many kinds of materials, such as plastics, metals, metal, etc and is able to coat on complex three dimensional shapes with very high quality. So, it creates new color and new appearance on the printed product and enhances its additional value. You can see colorful world from water transfer printing.

Water Transfer Print Products product offered by Youtong Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

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